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Christmas Holiday Parties


The Christmas holiday parties season is arguably the most festive time of the year. For that reason, we recommend booking your Christmas holiday parties in Denver Colorado as early as possible. We usually start booking Christmas holiday parties in July/August.

The popularity of Christmas Holiday parties in Denver Colorado during this festive holiday season has increased significantly in recent years. Everybody wants to have the best Christmas Holiday party with, of course, the best food. We’ll work with you for all Christmas holiday occasions from personal to corporate holiday party event, and upscale to home-style. We’ve assembled some menus to get you in the holiday spirit. They are simply ideas, but if you have your own ideas, please give a call or email us and we’ll make sure you have exactly what you are looking for.

If You are Planning a Christmas Party and Need a Holiday Party Caterer/Private Chef, We Can Help You.

Here is what we recommend:

1. Check out our sample menus to get you in the holiday spirit.
2. Give us a call or email to chat about your ideas, needs, and desires.
3. Give us 24-48 hours to put together the perfect menu for your special holiday party.

It’s that easy!

Why Host a Holiday Christmas Party?

We always say that the time between Halloween and the Super Bowl is the best time of the year. It is basically 3 months of parties, social events, and gatherings. Some of us pack on a few extra pounds during that time from all of the extra calories, but those are just fun pounds… they’ll come off quick, no worries. Just enjoy yourself!

Here are Some Popular Events:

Corporate Christmas Holiday Parties:

The Corporate Christmas Holiday Party has become almost a requirement nowadays. It is the owner’s/bosses way of thanking the employees for their hard work and dedication. It is a way for everybody to interact in a less formal atmosphere and to hopefully become friends as well.

There are usually fun games like the White Elephant Gift Exchange. This is a game where everybody brings a gift, usually a low dollar item under $10 or so, or even a gag gift. Then everybody picks a number out of a hat and they go in that order. The lowest number picks a gift first and unwraps it in front of everybody. The next person can choose to “steal” that gift or open a new gift. The process keeps repeating until everybody has a gift. Some groups have rules like a gift can only be “stolen” twice, then it belongs to whoever “stole” it the second time.

This game is full of laughs and is guaranteed to bring everybody together and leave the formal work scene behind.

Private Christmas Holiday Parties:

Whether you are entertaining your family, your friends, or your neighbors, we’ll make sure the food is flavorful and impressive. Nobody will prepare a better tasting spread than Chef Dennis Berry and Denver Colorado Catering. Nothing brings people together like incredibly delicious food and that is where we promise to deliver. You worry about everybody getting along and we’ll make sure the food is beyond your expectations. If you need a bartender, we’ll take care of that for you too.

Holiday Fundraiser:

These fundraisers have also become quite popular in recent years. Whether you are a nonprofit organization or a charity group, we’d love to help you. There is no better time for giving than the holiday season. Get in the giving spirit by hosting a charity event and we’ll make sure the food tastes so good that everybody in attendance will donate more than they originally intended.

Here are Some Service Ideas for Your Holiday Christmas Party:
    • Buffet Style Holiday Party


    • Desserts & Sweets Tables


    • Cocktail Party/Passed Hors d’oeuvres Holiday Party


    • Formal Plated Holiday Party – 5 course 5 star meal


    • Holiday Food Stations – pasta station, build your own taco bar, ice cream sundae bar, etc


We truly care about our customers satisfaction!
These testimonials are just a a sampling of our happy customers!

Pure excellence. Chef Dennis knows his stuff. If you’re looking to impress your guests, these guys will get that job done. Thanks.

Andrea P,Denver, CO Holiday Party

Thank you for your hard work.I know it was tough with all the extra little requests we had, but you are very accommodating. 5 stars!

Kelli R Castlerock, CO Retirement Party

I would highly recommend Chef Dennis and Denver Colorado Catering to anybody for any occasion Not only is the quality of food over the top, but the service and professionalism is right on spot. Thank you for making our wedding day special.

Paula R., Littleton, CO Wedding

We flew in and had a family reunion in Breckenridge and Chef Dennis drove up there and spent 2. days preparing 5 star cuisine for us all. He is very instructional and was great with the kiddos too. Highly recommend.

Anne H, Kansas Family Reunion

We hired Chef Dennis to do a cooking class for us. We did it in a presentation format and he had us participate too. His personality is awesome! Would recommend to anybody. Thanks.

Patricia R

Well, if you’re looking for the best, this is it. The food, the creativity, the timing, the cleanliness, all perfect. If you need to ask me any questions, please get my number from Dennis and I’ll provide you any answers you might have about them.

Paul M., Centennial, CO Super Bowl Party

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